"Working with Bruce fit both our needs and styles, which were each quite different. The most amazing thing was that there was never a place for finger-pointing, fault-finding, or keeping score. This enabled us to analyze our needs as a couple and as individuals in a safe, non-threatening environment. I also found Bruce's style of drawing in the mind-body connection very beneficial in carrying over our new ways of communicating outside of the therapy sessions. He was flexible in scheduling, and provided us with "homework", allowing us to continue the therapy process between visits. If he wasn't our therapist, he would be in our close circle of friends." M.B. & R.S.

"It's hard to put into words how helpful it's been to have Bruce to talk with. He helped bring about a solution to a problem I had struggled with for years. I had no idea what counseling would be like and was nervous at first... but it was easy to be comfortable working with Bruce. I worked hard, but I was surprised to find we actually laughed a lot." J.B.